No Matter How High Profile A Job Don't Forget To Smile

Inspirational Artist Newsletter #1

"Sharing Fashion & Pairing it With Motivation & Personal Development"

Penny Lane of IMG Models by Nick Sabatalo

Find Time To Laugh Today!

No matter how high profile a job, always find time to laugh and put a smile on each other's face. On my shoot with Penny we made up a story that she was a time traveler who played her magic fiddle so her lover would be able to find her no matter where or what time she was now. You'd never believe what was in her suitcase...A ferret! We laughed all day, created, and enjoyed the beautiful poppy fields just before their own time was over.

Today's Personal Development Call-To-Action

Write down in the affirmative everything you want to have, be, do...below are a few from my own list today:

  • I am Generous
  • I am Grateful
  • I am Fulfilled
  • I am a Leader
  • I am an Inspiration

"Today's a great day to get a little bit better."