4 New Faces & 4 Key Ingredients to Success

Wealth comes from (1) defining your Competitive Advantage, (2) generating a Lead, (3) seizing the Opportunity, and (4) Leveraging that success to create abundance. Enjoy the images of Nora, Olivia, Kendra, & Saoirse of Industry Model MGMT.


So many people want "success" & crave wealth, but they don't even know what their talent is that they need to use to create that success. You can be as hard a worker as anyone, but working hard at the wrong thing isn't going to get you where you want to go. Ask your peers, your family. You already know what it is you're great at, but something might be holding you back from realizing that it is something you could be using to pay your bills and live the lifestyle you desire. 


You figured it out, you took shrooms one day, went on a long run, whatever it is you finally CLEARLY defined your competitive advantage, that thing you rock at that's going to make you shit tons of money. Next step is to figure out who in this world needs your skill set more than anyone else, someone who is willing to pay for it, then seek them out! Put yourself on the receiving end, define who this person or business is, where they are located, who they already do business with, and figure out (first for yourself and then to tell them) exactly why you are a match made in heaven.


You knocked on the door, you got an email reply, they liked your pitch and hired you. Now don't drop the F'ing ball! Screw putting your best foot forward put your whole being into it and impress your client. How do you do that? You need to be (1) really good at what you do, (2) really fast at delivering whatever it is you are offering, and (3) likable ;)


Nice, you had a home run, but guess what the game isn't over yet and you're far from winning, it's only the first inning baby. The best way to attract a new client that doesn't know you from Adam is by showing them proof of concept. Not only did you go above and beyond so you could wow that first client, retain them as a long term relationship, but also so that you could impress the next door you have to knock on and this time you're not empty handed.

The most important message of all of this is truly to seize the opportunity, because often they are random, but the universe doesn't care too much that you're still at step one or haven't even started. Sometimes you're handed a sword and you either smite the dragon with it or drop it on your foot. Don't drop it on your foot.