A letter to Anna

"You're alright," Anna wrote me in my journal after our first shoot and second day of meeting her...if you count our first being when I met her outside at a club looking cool as hell in all-black smoking a cig.

I remember approaching her outside of Warwick asking if I could take her photo, she responded: "Why, what's it for?" I'm thinking to myself, b$#&% just let me take your photo dammit. Talked my way into the photo of course or we wouldn't be the best friends we are today.

Hey Anna, could you imagine if I gave up right then and never took your photo? Wrote you off as "too cool for school." Do you think we would have found a way to be brought into each other's lives? Doesn't really matter does it, but I think we would have. Either way, I know we were meant to meet when we had, right when you had just moved to LA only a week before. 

Nick shoots Anna. Anna shoots Nick.

How many shoots have we had together!? I can close my eyes and watch them all like a movie. Can you? Which one is your favorite? I think each new one becomes my favorite. Does that make sense? But if I was able to relive one of those shoots today it would be our Laguna shoot with Kristen, Mason, & Ruairi.

The drive down & back was so beautiful, I love that drive, I remember being in the passenger seat & Mason the designated DJ. Before we even shot we had Zinc cafe...hahaha do you remember how obsessed we were for months with Zinc!? How many damn times did we go! And we would always split whatever we got. Mason got to shoot you first while I shot Ruairi...Luke as I started calling her cause I had the hardest time pronouncing her name right...and then we swapped and I shot you. I love those shots. The location against the stone wall and fence looked like we were on a European beach, maybe in Greece? We ended the day with Gyros. We were so hungry I don't think we cared what we ate. But I just remember really really loving whatever I was shoveling in my mouth. 

If I wrote about every amazing laugh we've had this would be a novel. I'll save some of that for our photo book project. But the one story I have to share is a defining one. It was 4th of July. I know you're thinking right now, oh shit what an intense day. But in all seriousness, all I can really think to do is smile. I came over to pick you up and we go to Venice for the day, but I dropped a bomb on you that I didn't think we could be friends any longer and shouldn't hang out anymore, at least for awhile. You cried...and skipping through all of that I remember saying, "alright you, go grab your bag we're going to bloody Venice to watch some fireworks." And since that day we've been able to be, stay, and grow as amazing friends. 

There are so many other things worth sharing, from meeting our two lesbian aunts at Go Get Em Tiger, to me cooking the most romantic dinner for you and crashing and burning so hard (ok we'll leave that one out) hahaha

I'm looking forward to our promise of doing at least one photo shoot every year no matter where we both end up. Rosa you're family, I love you so much. 

- Nickolito