Why Achievement Is Not The Same As Fulfillment And How Success Depends Upon It

"Congratulations Hannah on signing with LA models!"

You have this goal you've been working hard to reach, maybe even putting years of your time towards it or thousands of your own dollars. One day you meet that goal face-to-face and you accomplish it! It could very well be the greatest achievement of your life. 90% of people don't take the time to truly embrace that success or allow themselves to be proud because they are already setting the next goal. 

The real goal is to attain fulfillment from reaching our goals, for achievement without fulfillment is not true success. Some of the most "successful" people, and by successful I'm referring to rich, have no fulfillment in what they do or have. The real "rich" are the people who no matter their circumstances they take the time to truly love themselves, pat themselves on the back, and be proud of each accomplishment or benchmark they reach. These are the people who have not just one good day a year, but every day is a win.

My favorite quote is "Today is a great day to get a little bit better." So simple, yet so very powerful and if we honor taking a moment to reflect on the good we have accomplished every day, even if just a little bit of progress, we will love the journey we are on. As cheesy as it sounds, it's not all about the final destination, it's about everything along the way.