Beauty is in the eye...

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. All of you may find Emelie to be beautiful (because she is), but how about how does she see herself? 


When I was modeling I was in the best shape of my life, my abs had abs, I was constantly being complimented on my "good looks" and yet it was the most insecure time of my life. 

I recall this one evening in Seoul where earlier that day I had been told by a client at a casting that I was too fat. I ate an entire tub of ice cream that night & then tried throwing it up...I couldn't though, I was always shit at making myself throw up even when I was sick would try in order to make yourself feel better. 

We work in an industry where the "product" is a person. The message I want to make to us all is let us not forget that this is the case, that the "thing" making everyone money and keeping this business flowing is a person and not a manufactured robot.

All that client needed to do was rephrase what they said to me and not only would I have not been offended by it, but they could have motivated me to be healthier and work out harder or simply say I wasn't right for the job! How powerful and yet so easy is that? Wording, tone, authenticity all have the ability to say something truly negative or truly positive depending on how it is used or abused rather.

A model doesn't need to lose weight to be beautiful. A model may lose weight to be a better model, fit more samples, come across more healthy & strong to better fit a brands' image, but is no more beautiful than before.

I like this girl (don't tell her) that there's probably more professional photos out there of her than unprofessional ones, but I find her more beautiful FaceTiming me with zit cream on her face than any of her "perfect" modeling photos because it's the real her, and it's the real you on the inside that's the most beautiful. Here is where she would say I am so cliche, but it's been awhile since I had a really good cliche moment. 

Personal Development Call-To-Action

Tell someone they are beautiful :) I'm sure you saw that coming, but don't worry I have one more for you. Write down three things about YOURSELF that you love!