Blue Ocean Strategy

"To break out of that red ocean of bloody competition & existing industries to create uncontested market space & make the competition irrelevant." - Renée Mauborgne , author of Blue Ocean Strategy

I was re-listening (for probably the 5th's that good) to the Tony Robbins podcast that interviewed Renée Mauborgne and dove into what exactly is a "Blue Ocean Strategy" and how to use it to set your company up for success amongst all the saturated BS that surrounds us. 

I believe I did that with my magazine. How many fashion magazines are there? Thousands upon thousands of independently published & large fashion magazines. By choosing to be a film only publication that does not allow any retouching I was able to position us so at least we would be different from the competition, now people liking us is an entirely other marketing question to answer. 

A few days ago I had an idea. This time for my own photography. I frankly was getting frustrated at myself for not differentiating my work enough from other photographers, or at least on how I displayed my work on social media was really what it came down to. So I had an idea. 

The most recent two models I tested with I turned our photos into a visual story like I've never done before. I feel as though I always shoot with the mentality of creating a story...I somewhat pick a theme based on the model's mood & the chemistry we share that I can feel right away and then I use that to determine the direction I give for poses and expressions and I did all of this with these two models, but what I decided to do was take it a step further on my end & how I displayed that story. I did this by creating a series of videos using only the final photos we took. 

I am such a newbie to Adobe Premiere and the world of video editing, but this was a lot of fun to create and based on the feedback I've been getting from followers you can expect to see a lot more of these from me!

Much love,


"90s" Talia Graf / Industry Model MGMT

"Knock out in the second round"

"I always did like Brazilian food"

"I'll shoot you if you shoot me" Alana Tapigliani of NEXT Models LA