Shooting A Professional Skateboarder

Louie Lopez - Professional Skateboarder

On my job for Volcom Men my subject was professional skateboarder Louie Lopez...and at times also his slobbering bulldog. Louie Lopez could not have been any further from a fashion model and I don't mean to say he was not good looking because he is a handsome kid, but he is a skater and posing for a camera is not something he is used to or wants to do. He wasn't a jerk by any means, on the contrary, he was nicer and more genuine than most in the fashion industry, but again all that was on his mind was skating. I knew I had to catch him in real moments, not "set up" too many shots, and just let the kid skate and hang out with his dog. 

Take The Time To Get To Know Your Subject

No matter your subject...and again take this to whatever industry or job role you may have, be it in fashion when your subject is a model, or you're a COO of a moving company and your subject is your own staff or a client across states...either way we are all dealing with people on a daily basis and each of them is different and require a variable approach to ensure the best possible outcome. If we approached handling relationships with every person, in the same way, we would miss the mark on so many and lose those as leads, clients, employees, even friends. Take a minute to LISTEN to your subject, to observe them, to really understand them and then let your intuition take over. It is when we jump right to the "deal" or whatever it may be and we skip actually getting to know the personality of who is in front of us that everything that follows becomes fake, forced, and likely a disaster.  

Today's Personal Development Call-To-Action: READ

What are you reading right now? And a blog doesn't count. Take 20 minutes for yourself to read a book, be it a sci-fi Harry Potter style book that takes you away from reality and puts you in a fantasy world or a business book such as 10X that get's your ass in high gear and ready for success and being productive, the key is that you are reading, that as you are your mind is free flowing, and you as an individual are growing. I am currently reading The Secret by Rhonda Byrne.

Fashion is a tool... to compete in life outside the home. People like you better, without knowing why, because people always react well to a person they like the looks of.
— Mary Quant