Mom always said, "It's not all about you."

Proud Instructor

I am excited to share two of my most recent photography student's work who have really impressed me. Tyler mostly shoots the beautiful landscapes of Canada where he is from and Christopher is a bad ass car photographer. Both wanted to shoot fashion, I don't blame them, it is what I personally love to shoot most.

It is my opinion that a lot of the photography community outside of our industry struggles with shooting fashion, but to put this in perspective if I wanted to shoot my dream Porsche or the mountains of New Zealand that I would love to visit I can guarantee that Tyler & Christopher would almost certainly be able to do the subjects more justice than me.

Why? Is it because they are better photographers than me? There really is no "better" in photography when we are all professionals who understand the technicals behind taking a photo, there is only perceived value that comes from an image based off of what it makes the viewer feel, which comes from the unique combination of so many factors such as light, depth of field, composition, angle, emotion, but there is no "better." No, it is because that is their passion, it is their wheelhouse, and that shines through in their photography and in the final image...mine just so happens to be fashion and I am really proud of them for jumping face first into the deep end of a new genre of shooting and coming out with a win!

Photography by Tyler model Jorji Zimmatore of Photogenics LA

Get Outside Of Your Comfort Zone...You Don't Have To Be The Best At Everything Right Away!

The point being (and apply this to your own life/craft/industry), that there are so many genres of photography, each having their own attention to detail matters that make them unique and that just by owning a camera this does not make you a master of all of them, and where I am really proud of these two is their ability in one day, to step outside of their normal routine and comfort zone and dive head first into shooting something new to them. And crushing it, in my opinion, given that these are new faces (incredible nonetheless), they only had about 2 hours of shoot time and these images are unretouched film. I give them a lot of credit and I'll be thinking of them next time I am faced with trying something new that intimidates me. 

Photography by Christopher x model Brontë Schleppi of Photogenics LA

Today's Personal Development Call To Action:

Praise someone other than yourself today. Utterly and unselfishly show them love!