Let us utilize our strong relationships with agencies to quickly & smoothly produce

a casting for your brand while you focus on the campaign at hand! 



Juergen Teller made famous capturing models behind the scenes at model castings in his famed book "Go-Sees". We thought hey, let's do that with our castings, and since day 1 they have turned into such a fun experience for the models to be captured on physical polaroid and film as opposed to digital that they are used to. These polaroids then turn into great content for both the models to post and the brand, making it a really impactful social media day for everyone!

KikiRio Swim

For KikiRio it was important for them to hold an in-person casting to make sure the models fit the swimwear. We had some 30+ invite-only models attend the closed casting.

Their creative director had a specific model type in mind that we helped invite those models from agencies that best fit their brand vision.


Get to know your talent

Social media has made it no longer enough to be just a pretty face, for KikiRio we did quick video interviews with the talent so that the casting team would know more of the real stories of these young women who they will be working with & be the face of their brand.