Go-See Overview

While you focus on the project details, we'll cast the right face for you.



Since day 1 of our own go-sees we also have documented the day which has turned into such a fun experience for the models to be captured on physical polaroid and film as opposed to digital that they are used to. 

These images are shot in a fashion forward aesthetic that turn into great content for both the models to post and the brand, making it a really impactful social media day for everyone!


Getting to know the talent

We take the time to get to know the talent and cast as much on personality as looks, which is why in-person go-sees is something we stress as not just important, but crucial. We live in a highly digital and overly edited world, with that comes confusion on what a model really looks like and how they really carry themselves in-person rather than on their social media. To be a face of a brand or to become a character in an editorial story, who they are is going to be at the forefront and we want you to be excited about who you'll be working with and ultimately proud of the face that is attached to the final project.