Nick Sabatalo

Sabatalo began his career in fashion as a model, having the unique opportunity to travel the world, working in Europe, Asia and the US. Seeing first hand the workings of the industry from the point of view of the talent has proved invaluable and given him a heightened sense of awareness as he moved to the other side of the camera.

Falling in love with photography, Sabatalo turned his attention towards producing and creating content of his own. Right away realizing there was not a fashion magazine (at the time) exclusively dedicated to film photography, the medium that inspired him to become a photographer. He knew that if he was craving such a publication than surely others were too and he was right.

Sabatalo founded 35mm Magazine, a fine-art and fashion photography publication based on the mission to be an outlet and platform for the film photography community. The magazine has seen three print issues under the brand “35mm” and in 2019 the name was changed to TANGIBLE to better encompass the many different and equally important parts to the publication that were not only just film.

TANGIBLE is the unique combination of multiple timeless mediums, staying true to the original mission it remains all film photography and also includes poetry, artwork and handwritten letters. It is a hardcover book, a true collector’s edition.

Sabatalo has fallen in love with photography yet again by discovering darkroom handprinting for himself. He is currently reprinting his past work and all new work is printed in the darkroom.

In addition to his duties as Editor-In-Chief of TANGIBLE Magazine, Sabatalo is working on a personal book project and a solo gallery show of his darkroom photography handprints.

Sabatalo is passionate about educating, inspiring and bringing together the film photography community. While he believes he will always be learning and growing himself, he feels he has a responsibility to teach those what he has learned so they can further pursue their own ambitions. He has conducted fashion photography workshops in Los Angeles, New York City, London and Paris. Sabatalo was sought by FujiFilm to speak on their behalf on the subject of analog and film as a fashion photographer in what many would say is a ‘digital world'.’

He is in the process of starting his own public darkroom that he hopes will be a haven for film photographers to feel inspired to learn and handprint their work.