Nick Sabatalo


"Speed of the leader, speed of the team" - Steve Sabatalo

35mm Magazine

  • Recruited, supervises, delegates responsibility to editorial team
  • Establishing team communication channels & sets priorities (slack, weekly recap, phone, email, in-person, editorial calendar)
  • Hardcover book containing exclusive work of 16 photographer’s around the world
  • Print magazine containing the exclusive work of photographers, artists, & poets around the world under one platform
  • Web content creation from interviews (written, video, podcast), editorial & portrait shoots

Casting Director | Producer | Photographer

  • Manages project logistics start to finish (pre, day of, post) 
  • In-person castings with 75+ models over two days
  • Directs & coordinates with team (model, stylist, hair & makeup)
  • Corresponds between client & team to meet project deadlines & satisfy client expectations
  • eCommerce, Lookbook, Print Campaign, Social Media


"As soon as you open your mind to doing things differently, the doors of opportunity practically fly off their hinges." - Jay Abraham

35mm Magazine

  • Leads art direction & company branding 
  • Designed the 35mm logo
  • Initiated the #DontEditMe campaign, decision to not allow retouching, & donate to NEDA
  • Managed social media & grew following from zero to 57 thousand with ZERO paid marketing campaigns

Casting Director | Producer | Photographer | Events

  • Decision to turn casting days into their own social media campaigns 
  • Casts model/talent for brand & specific project based on portfolio, experience, positive image
  • Editorials, portrait shoots, written interviews, video interviews, podcasts, fashion films
  • Women’s empowerment fashion film series
  • Launch party & gallery show = 350 RSVPs (invite only) *liquor sponsored event
  • Private VIP screening - (invite only) *liquor sponsored event


Video Interview Casting

KikiRio Swim Casting - Closed Casting

35mm Magazine boosted the casting day on social media

KikiRio Swim Casting

35mm Magazine Vol. I - Closed Casting

75+ top models in LA over 2 days / Polaroids taken of models were perfect to share on Instagram & models loved it!

35mm Magazine Casting


Monroe Alvarez

What we can bring to the table.

Our passion for what we do, brands we work with, and our network, give us the upmost confidence to deliver quality work that is unique above anyone else's.

Having experience as a photographer, editor-in-chief, and model, Sabatalo is extremely aware of the industry from a marketing, product, and business operation standpoint. 

I. Social Media

  • Management

  • Creative Direction

  • Generate Content

II. Ambassador Campaigns

  • Video & Photo
  • Casting & Production
  • Creative Direction

III. Events

  • Location scouting 
  • Sponsor RFP's
  • Invitations
  • Public Speaking

IV. Product Photography 

  • Equipment / Studio
  • Hiring / Training
  • Quality Control of Content to Ensure Continuity & Consistency of the Brand

Additional Video Examples

Stance Socks - Directed by Jamie Heinrich

Don't Edit Me. Empowering Fashion Film Trailer - Directed by Jamie Heinrich / Produced by Nick Sabatalo

Volcolm - Directed by Jamie Heinrich / Photo Campaign by Nick Sabatalo

Gooseberry Intimates - Directed by Mason Rose / Produced by Nick Sabatalo / Photo Campaign by Nick Sabatalo

35mm - Issue Zero Book

35mm - Vol. 1 - Original Journal